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How to Style Natural, Coily Hair [VIDEO]

Curly hair can vary greatly from loopy curls to tighter springy curls and the texture can vary from smooth to frizzy to downright kinky. In this video the curl type is more of a coil like most type 4 curls; and the art of taming a coily type of curl is to learn your natural curl pattern and accentuate it with the right amount of moisture. Stylist Danielle Caputo shows how to hand style and accentuate the natural textures of a type 4.

We all know that type 4 natural hair can be dry and porous so before you attempt to style it:

1.      Give it an infusion of moisture by shampooing or spraying with detangler. And then detangle with the classic end to root technique using a wide tooth comb or just get a Tangle Teezer.

2.      After towel drying apply a styling/ curling cream to seal the holes in spongy hair. Curls need moisture so seal the cuticle of the hair and ensure shiny curl by applying a curl cream.

3.     You can further define the curl by using a spritz as opposed to an aerosol hair spray that way the properties of the spritz whether added moisture or curl-enhancement dry into the hair.

4.     Completely dry hair using a diffuser on your hair dryer and take your time by not zapping your curls with high heat.

5.     When done of course you can’t comb your curls, so don’t be afraid to get in there and use your hands to style your curls and place them exactly where you want them.

What products and techniques do you use to bring out the curl in your kinky , natural hair? Share your techniques and favorite products.


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