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My Jar of ORS Hair Mayonnaise

Product Review: How I Use ORS Hair Mayonnaise on My Natural, Kinky Hair

Many moons ago I wrote a review for ORS Hair Mayonnaise and how my relaxed hair loved it now that I’m natural I decided it was time to write a review on this product and tell how it performs on my natural hair. Enjoy!   After going through of a bunch of other deep conditioners […]


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Love & Care for Textured Hair

This is where you will find techniques, information and products that love & care for types 3 & 4 hair. So if you are a naturally curly type 3, a coily type 4 wearing your hair natural, a type 3 that loves to relax your curls, a lover or all things locs, braids or weaves you will find tips and products to help you care for your hair.